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BodyPosiStylist – Onlyfans – Siterip – K2SBodyPosiStylist – Onlyfans – Siterip – K2S

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bodyposistylist 01-03-2021 4034216 .mp4
bodyposistylist 01-04-2021 4563472 .mp4
bodyposistylist 01-09-2021 191406223 From all natural to golden goddess This babe gets married next week and wanted some subtle yet noticeable dimension wit.mp4
bodyposistylist 02-01-2021 89565618 My client has been growing her hair out since her Official Remission from Lymphoma in summer It’s been a long journey fo.mp4
bodyposistylist 02-03-2021 116691449 Ok so….purple or pink on @nikkidangerous It’s hard to pick because both look so good There’s nothing better than heal.mp4
bodyposistylist 03-01-2021 3098449 .mp4
bodyposistylist 03-02-2021 103887602 So yesterday was….wild. I did 3 colors in 11 hours That’s actually my dream. I LOVE doing color, especially long proj.mp4
bodyposistylist 03-04-2021 130554479 One of my first tutorials I posted on here This is my pre work, wearing a mask all day makeup routine. I don’t.mp4
bodyposistylist 03-05-2021 142135054 This is a cool little segment I did for a teaching video (Peep how cool my nails looked П÷≤╜ I miss getting them done s.mp4
bodyposistylist 03-06-2021 153529403 BAM platinum baby lights all over with her natural dark brown black base This babe loves a silvery platinum look for he.mp4
bodyposistylist 04-01-2021 3110004 .mp4
bodyposistylist 04-03-2021 4086524 .mp4
bodyposistylist 04-09-2021 193044011 Saw @beautyandbodybybre do this transition so ofc I had to try it Wouldn’t it be cool if transformations happened this .mp4
bodyposistylist 05-03-2021 118492545 Heat damage where I love this clients natural texture She has such beautiful hair She comes in weekly for a wash, deep .mp4
bodyposistylist 05-04-2021 4632675 .mp4
bodyposistylist 06-02-2021 105338632 Do you have textured hair Textured hair encompasses anything from loose waves to tightly coiled. Textured hair requires.mp4
bodyposistylist 06-03-2021 119150778 A lil ombre action This babe has been my client for so many years 9 Maybe…something like that We are always changing .mp4
bodyposistylist 07-04-2021 132132121 Here I am working on my Mizani Aircut Cerification yesterday (look at that Focus Face in the preview shot П÷≤┘) I had a.mp4
bodyposistylist 07-05-2021 143588285 This color reminds me of chocolate and vanilla swirl П÷╓╓ healthy hair all the way Olaplex to protect her curls, and lo.mp4
bodyposistylist 07-12-2020 79095678 My biggest and favorite piece is done And I have my next appointment set up for February for something elseП÷≤┘П÷≤┘П÷≤┘ .mp4
bodyposistylist 08-08-2021 180956338 Two posts in one day AND I’m caught up on messages Who am I I just wanna say I love you all so much. The amount of pati.mp4
bodyposistylist 08-09-2021 194592540 Her faded out Bi Pride hair made a super fun canvas to work on We did a bright magenta over it all which made the faded.mp4
bodyposistylist 08-11-2020 67676139 Who else has been more daring with your hair during Covid Either because you got a little creative yourself during lockd.mp4
bodyposistylist 09-04-2021 132950644 Orange and yellow hair is a VIBEEEE. This lovely human I’ve know well over a decade, we have done so many fun colors (o.mp4
bodyposistylist 09-06-2021 155843480 This momma to be wanted to bring some extra brightness into her life We did a full head of babylights and toned her to .mp4
bodyposistylist 09-12-2020 79851532 Here’s a little hair content for you this morning In winter and summer a lot of my clients get braids to help manage the.mp4
bodyposistylist 10-01-2021 93142093 In case you missed it on IG, Twitter, or FB, your girl got the sweetest welcome from OnlyFans This experience has been l.mp4
bodyposistylist 10-02-2021 107213315 Pandemic Hair gotcha down Go see your friendly (covid safe ) neighborhood stylist We will get you feeling fresh again w.mp4
bodyposistylist 10-03-2021 4197464 .mp4
bodyposistylist 10-03-2021 121129244 A fresh precision bob is so enticing and satisfying She rocks this cut so well I haven’t seen her in almost a year (tha.mp4
bodyposistylist 10-06-2021 156219627 This was her first time doing any color in about a decade She’s a new mom and wanted something fresh and noticeable but.mp4
bodyposistylist 10-08-2021 181971013 My first head of hand tied weft extensions Also called a braidless sew in, this technique looks super natural and is gr.mp4
bodyposistylist 11-01-2021 93546422 Ya’ll I have a stye on my right eye so today is a super relaxed day I’m working on getting to messages, but am trying to.mp4
bodyposistylist 11-02-2021 3698525 .mp4
bodyposistylist 11-05-2021 144832909 Bam, green to purple I loveddddd her emerald hair but when she was ready for a change, so was I She loves rich, deep, j.mp4
bodyposistylist 11-11-2020 68682139 Ask and you shall receive, loves Here is the video of me using my Triple Barrel waver to create natural looking waves al.mp4
bodyposistylist 11-12-2020 2791312 .mp4
bodyposistylist 12-02-2021 108327060 Want your hair to feel extra luxurious for Valentine’s Day Properly conditioning is key In this video, I show you how t.mp4
bodyposistylist 12-03-2021 122009107 Idk only 100 obsessed with this hot pink ombre I did last night It turned out EXACTLY how I hoped and as a stylist that.mp4
bodyposistylist 12-08-2021 182938684 @nikkidangerous always let’s me have fun with their hair I had a sudden spark of inspiration and decided to try a new t.mp4
bodyposistylist 13-01-2021 94425484 Using a triple barrel iron is my absolute favorite way to perfect my existing waves In real time, this video was still o.mp4
bodyposistylist 13-02-2021 3751612 .mp4
bodyposistylist 13-06-2021 157318282 This babe gets married next week and we wanted to do a color that will add tons of depth and dimension to her updo whil.mp4
bodyposistylist 13-07-2021 169332980 @beautyandbodybybre and I will be coming at ya LIVE tomorrow at 6pm CST from her Salon Studio right here on my page Dro.mp4
bodyposistylist 14-04-2021 134708980 Who says you can’t have healthy, relaxed hair Not I With proper maintenance at home and a stylist who puts the health o.mp4
bodyposistylist 15-03-2021 4267558 .mp4
bodyposistylist 15-03-2021 123069932 Let’s talk Color Corrections this encompasses anything that can have unpredictable outcomes. Going from very dark to ve.mp4
bodyposistylist 15-05-2021 146331352 I love when my clients come in for the first time since Covid and we do a huge transformation From long grown out highl.mp4
bodyposistylist 15-07-2021 170286040 Do red heads do it best She has me thinking yes We deepened her root up so she has a more seamless grow out and added m.mp4
bodyposistylist 15-12-2020 82186446 I have a busy week coming up in the salon, so here’s a little hair content.mp4
bodyposistylist 16-01-2021 3283469 .mp4
bodyposistylist 16-02-2021 110097718 I love when my friends are also my clients It’s always a good time Б≤╨ @nikkidangerous and I hung out for a few hours a.mp4
bodyposistylist 17-02-2021 110513251 A little clip of this video was shared in the Valentine’s Day promo on all OnlyFans social media, so I wanted to share .mp4
bodyposistylist 18-01-2021 96558311 Checking out of the hotel soon here why are hotel linens so much cozier than at home ones It’s like laying in a fluffy c.mp4
bodyposistylist 18-03-2021 4337563 .mp4
bodyposistylist 18-07-2021 171522796 It had been about two years since this gal was in, and we chopped off allllll that length and then some We did a long p.mp4
bodyposistylist 19-04-2021 137024900 30 minutes and @seitansm1stress and I will be LIVE Don’t miss it bbs.mp4
bodyposistylist 19-06-2021 159586477 I made 2 tiktoks showing the results from using the new Biolage Color Bombs Which do you like better The sound got all .mp4
bodyposistylist 20-02-2021 112061219 Sharing again one of my FAVORITE ways to style my hair I have naturally wavy hair, so this just kind of perfects it and.mp4
bodyposistylist 20-03-2021 4355741 .mp4
bodyposistylist 20-05-2021 148153172 I’ve been doing a lot of purple hair lately and I’m 100 here for it If you could do any color what would it be.mp4
bodyposistylist 20-07-2021 172495454 Rainbow Fish was the original inspo but due to her previous (professional ) black color she rocked for many years, no s.mp4
bodyposistylist 21-02-2021 112465406 This was a year ago like yesterday or the day before. It feels like a month or 2 ago П÷≤┘ we did a color correction and.mp4
bodyposistylist 21-05-2021 148605174 This babe is pregnant and has a toddler, so we got rid of that faded pink and evened out the color to bring her close t.mp4
bodyposistylist 21-11-2020 2523744 .mp4
bodyposistylist 22-02-2021 3912639 .mp4
bodyposistylist 22-04-2021 138244516 Babes thank you for your patience as I get settled in back home. As always, but especially now, send a tip for a quicke.mp4
bodyposistylist 22-11-2020 2535544 .mp4
bodyposistylist 22-11-2020 72744695 Okay well, Get Ready with Me video it is Doggo content came in second so stay tuned…that will be tomorrow So before I .mp4
bodyposistylist 22-11-2020 73004060 Ok this video is potato quality (which…I don’t get that saying now that I think of it…potatoes are the best and so v.mp4
bodyposistylist 23-01-2021 98868328 Balayage Goodness Her hair was completely natural and I got to color it for the first time ever That always makes me so .mp4
bodyposistylist 23-07-2021 173817236 Loving this lil blonde moment She’s been trying to get a nice pure platinum for a while and hadn’t been getting the res.mp4
bodyposistylist 23-11-2020 73318855 Believe it or not, this color was not planned We were working to get her silver, but some old Overtone that was on her h.mp4
bodyposistylist 23-12-2020 2959136 .mp4
bodyposistylist 24-02-2021 113637263 My girl @seitansm1stress made me look so awesome last year The picture I posted earlier today with my dry shampoo was t.mp4
bodyposistylist 24-02-2021 113880269 Because I shared my favorite dry shampoo yesterday, here is how I use it Dry shampoo is for everyone regardless of hair.mp4
bodyposistylist 24-04-2021 138856720 This is a tutorial of my everyday glam which is when I wanna look a little more put together but am not looking to do t.mp4
bodyposistylist 24-08-2021 188130046 Birthday weekend is over, but it was so so so fun Maybe one of my best birthdays to date And you all helped with that .mp4
bodyposistylist 24-12-2020 2963202 .mp4
bodyposistylist 24-12-2020 86170162 Maybe I’m a Grinch, but I need a break from Christmas Content П÷≤┘П÷≤┘ It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a Get .mp4
bodyposistylist 25-03-2021 4454487 .mp4
bodyposistylist 25-04-2021 139192315 The Mizani Aircut Essentials A curved shear from the Texpert Academy, clips, Mizani Miracle Milk, and a comb Fun fact, .mp4
bodyposistylist 25-05-2021 150019807 Catch me LIVE here tomorrow May 26th at 11am bbs Hope to see you П÷≤≤П÷≤≤.mp4
bodyposistylist 25-06-2021 161933087 Just a simple color retouch on her new growth and a cute and super simple style for the family photos she had later tha.mp4
bodyposistylist 25-12-2020 86492812 Be sure to head to OnlyFans official IG and check out the cute new holiday video they dropped With an appearance from yo.mp4
bodyposistylist 26-02-2021 115008424 My job is really easy when I have so many already STUNNING clients, especially when they’re models and comfy in front o.mp4
bodyposistylist 26-03-2021 127320619 Omg RAINBOW HAIRRRR П÷▄┬П÷▄┬П÷▄┬I was dying like, the entire time I was doing her hair I was so excited This babe right.mp4
bodyposistylist 26-08-2021 189160576 Yall I’m tired I can’t lie. I’m doing maybe too much in my life the last year and it’s definitely catching up with me I.mp4
bodyposistylist 26-11-2020 74391226 A little Dry Shampoo tutorial for you The Pulp Riot dry shampoo Berlin is hands down my FAVORITE and I’m a dry shampoo j.mp4
bodyposistylist 27-02-2021 115326986 I’m in the salon 10 hours today babes so I appreciate your patience as I work through messages These are some of my fav.mp4
bodyposistylist 27-05-2021 150867887 @nikkidangerous and I always have a good time during our appointments Love this custom fuchsia tone so much Bright, hea.mp4
bodyposistylist 28-01-2021 101260090 One current makeup trend is the fox eye trend. This was my super quick version (and first attempt ever lol) for before .mp4
bodyposistylist 28-02-2021 115899821 Another day, another dry shampoo video П÷≤┘П÷≤┘ maybe I should just buy every single brand and test them all out I like.mp4
bodyposistylist 28-05-2021 151281645 I had the privilege of creating this beautiful color on one of my first friends I met in high school probably 15 or so .mp4
bodyposistylist 29-01-2021 101674628 Are ya’ll following me on IG I’m much more active on my stories there, so for more day to day lifestyle stuff, head to .mp4
bodyposistylist 29-03-2021 128776226 Grown out balayage, refreshed We did a partial highlight, then I did a shadow root or root sumdge to give her a lived i.mp4
bodyposistylist 29-04-2021 140636325 Hey babes I’ve had a migraine since Monday and haven’t been able to catch up on anything but tipped messages. It’s been.mp4
bodyposistylist 29-06-2021 163520803 Bi Pride hair This was such a fun one We did a full head of babylights, toned her, and then applied pink and teal under.mp4
bodyposistylist 29-07-2021 176146577 Ahhh I love how this came out Her hair faded to the blue green you see at the beginning after the violet we did last it.mp4
bodyposistylist 29-08-2021 190283708 @seitansm1stress and I will be LIVE in about an hour Come hang out П÷≤≤П÷≤≤.mp4
bodyposistylist 29-11-2020 75701552 Winter is always a brutal time for our hair (at least here where it gets freezing cold lol) so these are some of my abso.mp4
bodyposistylist 30-01-2021 3500798 .mp4
bodyposistylist 30-05-2021 151771175 When your hair matches your outfit, that’s a whole vibe. This babe had some stressed out hair П÷≤⌠ this whole look was .mp4
bodyposistylist 30-11-2020 76111952 Hey, loves Hope you’re having a good Monday I always start my Monday’s out with a nice fresh cup of pour over coffee .mp4
bodyposistylist 31-03-2021 4560748 .mp4
bodyposistylist 31-03-2021 129238278 I tried a new product combo last night I used the Amika Sexture shampoo I was scared because you don’t condition with t.mp4
bodyposistylist 31-10-2020 64915456 I heard you guys liked these transformations Don’t mind me in my face shield and mask . lol safety first babes My client.mp4

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