ClubStiletto – Mistress Kandy – Lessons in LOVE

ClubStiletto – Mistress Kandy – Lessons in LOVEClubStiletto – Mistress Kandy – Lessons in LOVE

Johnny has been caught by MILF Kandy looking at girls at the Mall.The shame!He knows she’s the only girl he needs in his life! As the scene opens he is naked and over her knee being spanked.”Muhmee doesn’t like doing this but if you’re bad you must be punished” she tells him.She starts out with a crop and goes pretty easy to warm him up.She then switches to her bare hand as she loves the humiliation she knows it causes him.As she spanks she reminds him that she is all he should be thinking of, after all she allows him to smell her farts and lick her asshole and she even feeds him her special meals.”Those bitches just want to take advantage of you, not like me, I do these things because I love you” she tells him.She spanks harder and sternly makes it clear that looking at other girls will not be tolerated.”Not even a glance, it makes me very upset, look how red my hand is” she tells him.Kandy says she hopes he is humiliated getting a spanking like a little boy and by now he should know better.Muhmee is clearly very upset and johnnies ass is so red.”If I ever let youhave a girlfriend I’m going to turn her into my slave too” she informs johnny,”Imagine your wedding night and you, your wife and your dad all kneeling in front of me, mine to use as I like.Maybe I’ll fuck your new wife up the ass with my strapon and when I pull it out I’ll stick it in your fucking mouth.”She asks johnny if he’d like that and he says he does.Kandy is so happy now she suddenly lets loose with a volley of hand spanks to his young ass, causing him to yelp in pain.She suddenly realizes she also has to go number 2.
The scene now rolls over and Kandy is sitting on the toilet table with young johnny down below.”He is going to take everything now, you know, spit, piss, schl1t, any cum inside me, or maybe one of my girlfriends is on her way over to use him” she says.She reaches over and slaps his dick and then steps on his chest before looking down into the toilet, telling him to open his mouth.”I have a special treat coming your way” she adds.The camera angle now changes and you now get johnnies perspective from down below looking up at Kandy’s ass and pussy.Kandy’s asshole starts to quiver and then expands, opens and closes 4 times as she blasts fart after fart in her lads face.”After all the farts comes your biggest meal of the day” she tells him.Kandy loves looking down and seeing johnny with his mouth open never knowing when it might come. She tells him to sit up and bring his mouth to her anus.She blasts out another three farts and you can see she is starting to crown.Was there ever a more perfect m0ther.
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