British Bratz – Overpowering Pa

British Bratz – Overpowering PaBritish Bratz – Overpowering Pa

Your PA, Charlie is such a tease. Each day her outfits get skimpier and more eye catching, as a hot- male you find your eyes are constantly glued to her irresistible curves and her flirtatious advances. No harm in looking and feeling a little naughty,hey. Today, Charlie is in your office in another of her hot, sexy numbers and wants a ‘chat’. As usual you are instantly hard and of course she notices so begins to tease you hard. You get carried away with it and before you know it you forget the circumstances and you are reaching down to your groin. As you lose yourself in a horny mess your PA totally overpowers you with her beauty. She wants a raise, in fact she wants 50% of your wages and she wants it now. She torments you with the possibility of your wife finding out about your lured behaviour. Your PA has her details and the power to completely ruin your whole entire world. Does this stop you touching? Hell no, your dumb and stupid for your PA. In fact, you enjoy the power she has over you as she tease, corrupts, drains and blackmails your loser boss ass. To keep this a ‘secret’ you will pay hard for your wondering eyes.the power lays in the hands of your PA, Mr Boss man.
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